WYSIWYG & CAD Services

At Project SSSHH we are a CAST Certified Service Providers (CSP), CAST Authorized WYSIWYG Trainers (AWT) and dealers for the entire range of WYSIWYG Products. As such we are able to provide you with any WYSIWYG services that you require.

We specialize in CAD and 3D Model conversions into WYSIWYG from any other CAD program on the market today. If you need a 2D drawing or 3D model converted into WYSIWYG properly we can make it happen.

If you only need WYSIWYG for one show we also have a Port-a-WYG system available for rental. You can rent a Perform Unlimited system from us that will allow you to pre-visualize your show in the comfort of your own office. We offer a full range of support for our Port-a-WYG System.

Our WYSIWYG training is first class and certified by CAST Lighting, the creators of WYSIWYG.

Our WYSIWYG gallery contains a list of shows and clients. (coming soon!)