Lighting Services

At Project SSSHH Incorporated we offer a complete range of lighting services that can help make your production look as great as your dreams.

Our Lighting Design services help you to take your production and turn it into reality. We also offer a full range of pre-visulaization services using the WYWISYG range of products, so that you view the lighting design concepts long before they are ever hung in a real venue.

Our Lighting Consultation Services can help your venue chose the right equipment for your space. From choosing the correct LED fixtures and sources for your space, to designing your entire lighting control system and network, our experience will help guide you in the best direction for your venue. Contact us for a Lighting Consultation.

Our Lighting Console Programmers are some of the best in the business and have the experience to carry your production through, on any console and on any type of production.

We can also support your production needs from end to end, no matter how large your production is we can provide you with the labour that your require.

If you are interested in some entertainment training we can help you with our Console & Systems Training or with WYSIWYG Training. We are CAST Authorised WYSIWYG Trainers (AWT).
Contact us for training information.